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Self-taught, J.A Reimann, also known under pseudonym “Nnamier”, has made a name for themselves in the gaming industry, with over 10 years of professional experience in design, promotional illustration and marketing. Their use of bold line work and butter-like pastels creates a beautiful, somewhat macabre style that compliments their darker works while balancing the whimsical, colorful aura for their fantasy pieces. In their free-time, they enjoy world-building, playing a variety of video games, and spending time watching the Oregon rain with their cat, Toulouse.


Original Artwork

Original Artwork, or a commission, is a personalized experience that varies from client to client. Pricing will be quoted after the initial concept is discussed in depth and clarified with both parties. Before finalizing the work, a copy for approval will be sent to confirm all desired details have been achieved. If you wish to contact me for a personalized art piece, please contact me with your idea, and we can discuss it in further detail.


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